Lymphedema: What You Need To Know Now Podcast

Have you had breast surgery and or radiation therapy? You may be at increased risk of lymphedema, a build-up of lymph fluid in the fatty tissues just under your skin. Find out who is at risk, what you can do to help lower your risk, and manage the condition. Find out what you need to know now, with Occupational Therapist and Certified Lymphedema Therapist, Stephanie Dessi Kiley. Survive and Live Well via This show is broadcast live on W4CS - The Cancer Support Network … [Read more...]

Weight Lifting May Help to Avert Lymph Problem

The following is an excerpt from a NY Times article on weight lifting and lymphedema. "After a woman has surgery for breast cancer, she is typically given a long list of don’ts. Don’t lift anything heavier than 15 pounds, including your child. Don’t carry a heavy purse or grocery bags. Don’t scrub, push, pull or hammer."   Read full article My patients are often shocked when we discuss exercise.  They say, “You want me to exercise?  But I was told I can never lift anything heavier than 10 … [Read more...]

Cancer Care Seeks to Take Patients Beyond Survival

The following excerpt is from a NY Times article on Cancer Care. "As a growing number of Americans are learning, surviving cancer can mean slipping into a rabbit hole of long-term medical problems -- from premature menopause and sexual dysfunction to more debilitating side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, like heart disease and even new cancers."  Click here to view the full article. I’ve worked with thousands of men and women recovering from breast, head and neck, and other related … [Read more...]

Results From a Recent Patient Survey

The following are some comments made by our customers during a recent anonymous survey: When asked, how would you describe Stephanie as a therapist, in a June, 2011 anonymous survey: I go to Stephanie for Breast Cancer Rehabilitation. I would describe her as intuitive, patient and direct, Stephanie wants me to be in touch with my body, literally and figuratively. She will ask me to describe what I feel and how I feel limited and then address my concerns one at a time. My first appointment … [Read more...]

A Recommendation From Melanie

I began seeing Stephanie about two weeks after having a bilateral mastectomy; I am amazed by her approach and my results in working with her. The first session was incredible, Stephanie walked me through my fear of hurting myself, demonstrated my ability to raise my arms over my head, walked me through a healthy approach to using pain killers and sent me home with a few stretches to do each day.  I walked out of that appointment reminding myself to keep good posture and I honestly felt like a … [Read more...]

A Heartfelt Letter

While I wish I had not been diagnosed with breast cancer, I have said from the start I feel blessed to have met such special angels along the way who have nursed me back to health. Stephanie has been one of these magical people. I came to her having just had a bilateral mastectomy one week after I turned 35. Steph has the most wonderful way about her. She is soothing and reassuring, but does not sugarcoat anything. She guides gently and has a healing touch. I had the privilege and blessing of … [Read more...]