Results From a Recent Patient Survey

The following are some comments made by our customers during a recent anonymous survey:

When asked, how would you describe Stephanie as a therapist, in a June, 2011 anonymous survey:

  • I go to Stephanie for Breast Cancer Rehabilitation. I would describe her as intuitive, patient and direct, Stephanie wants me to be in touch with my body, literally and figuratively. She will ask me to describe what I feel and how I feel limited and then address my concerns one at a time. My first appointment with her was an eye opener, she taught me the difference between fear and pain, actual limitations and perceived limitations. This knowledge helped me to question what I was feeling and to evaluate weather I should take pain medications or to stretch and breath and be available to my healing body.
  • Stephanie was more then incredible. I count her as one of my angels. She is exceptionally competent, kind, caring and thoughtful. I feel strongly that i had the very best care from her, and that she cared both personally and professionally about me.
  • She is the most caring person. She is professional, kind, and attentive. Her knowledge is spot on, and she is up to date all anything that is available to help her clients. I have given her business cards to various doctors for their patients with my same issues and more. I am thrilled that my oncologist recommended Stephanie.
  • She is very hands on with her exercises. I was in extreme pain when I first started my sessions and she really made a major difference in my recovery. I’m forever grateful for that because if this is something you never experienced, she’s the person you want to get through it with.

When asked would you recommend Stephanie to others, in a June, 2011 anonymous survey:

  • Absolutely, this is something that cannot be done on your own. She is the best at what she does. I really suffered after surgery and it was painful going through therapy with her but she definitely changed my life at that time for the better.

And Finally, it’s always nice to get a comment like this:

  • Thank you again for this morning’s session: you allayed so many of my fears and also made me aware of all the tension I’ve been carrying in my body.  I felt much better walking back to the office (physically and mentally!) than I did walking over.  Best, Tricia