A Recommendation From Melanie

I began seeing Stephanie about two weeks after having a bilateral mastectomy; I am amazed by her approach and my results in working with her. The first session was incredible, Stephanie walked me through my fear of hurting myself, demonstrated my ability to raise my arms over my head, walked me through a healthy approach to using pain killers and sent me home with a few stretches to do each day. 

I walked out of that appointment reminding myself to keep good posture and I honestly felt like a new person. 

 Over the next few visits we continued to work more stretches into my daily routine and we discussed exercise and eating habits. My experience with Stephanie is one of total empowerment, she helped me move back into my body and trust my use of it. Being diagnosed with breast cancer is difficult. Where my doctors cared for my body, Stephanie helped me to connect my body, mind and spirit into a cohesive whole. And she did it in the most gentle and affirming of ways. I whole heartedly recommend her. 

 Feel free to Contact me if you’d like a further recommendation.

-Melanie Testa